King of the Gassers Book

George Montgomery came of age in the classic era of the hot rod, he lived for cars. Read how he opened "George's Speed Shop" in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio, where he built and raced cars to become one of the pioneers of the sport of drag racing.  It was during the era of the Gasser Wars of the 1960's that George earned the moniker "Ohio George". He developed and drove the iconic 1933 "World's Wildest Willys"™, the groundbreaking Malco Gasser Mustang and the Mr Gasket turbocharged Mustang to victory after victory. After retiring from racing in 1985, George became one of the most successful engine builders in the country. He is the recipient of the National Hot Rod Association's most prestigious awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award, and is listed as one of drag racing's top 50 all time drivers.

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